Mari Kita Berhenti Mengejek Kejelekan Orang

Some One: I was always bullied and picked by my friends. That’s why I have the porcupine effect in me. I never trusted anyone. I never trusted anyone else but myself.
Some Two: Why didn’t you fight back when you were bullied or picked?
Some One: Because I believe one day, they will get bored if I just ignore them.

It’s just a simple conversation that I have with one of my friend who constantly becomes victim of bullying. Bullying is the act of intentionally causing harm to others through verbal harassment, physical assault, or other more subtle methods of coercion such as manipulation. When I was in kindergarten, I was a victim of bullying too. I remember sometime I feel so angry with my friend but my mother and father always says to me to ignore them (I really love you). But is it ok to just ignore them and hope that they will eventually bore and get over with?

I personally disagree with this. I think a person who constantly becomes victim of bullying will be like a loose cannon. Nobody knows when that person is going to explode. The harder they got bullied the bigger the explosion that likely to occur. The victims usually become a solitary, loner who doesn’t interact much with their community where they were bullied because of the traumatic feeling. For example, if they are bullied in the office, then they won’t interact much with their colleagues.

It seems that bullying someone, especially physically, become common and accepted thing in the community. I think it’s because they don’t know the different between making joke and making fun. If you want to make a joke about someone, then you should follow the rule of one two three. One is ok, two is enough, three, you’ve gone too far and it’s not funny anymore. But most of the time people don’t know or don’t want to know about the rule. They just keep on pushing the limit. And when you got mad, they will say that you are not fun and too serious. Ketik c spasi d, cuappeee dehh …

One of my IFers friends (for the sake of confidentiality I will not expose her name) also become a physical bullying in her office. She was so angry because out all of the employees in her office, why would they pick her instead of someone else. She continued by her intention to kill them all if she can.

They must have never thought the effect of their simple joke. So, let’s stop making jokes that physically or mentally abuse someone else. Let’s start to make a smart joke.

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26 thoughts on “Mari Kita Berhenti Mengejek Kejelekan Orang

  1. Does my joke saying that you are a land crocodile of America, make you think that I am bullying you mister? I hope not 🙂

    Bullying much depends on the desa kala patra and the joke must not touch the sensitive areas

    crocodile hunter

  2. @pak dosen: selamat atas kerjaan baru ne 🙂 iya bli, jangan mengejek kejelekan orang 🙂 (ejek kebaikannya aja -halah-)

    @hanggadamai: wah salam kenal. saya masih belajar basa inggris 😛

    @bli devari: nyante gen bli. saya nak tidak sensitif. kulit buaya soalne hahahahahaha …

  3. winyo, i didn’t agree totally with your opinion. i think we should kill everbody who said that you are a land crocodile of America. i’m stand behind u to fight him. hahaha..

    for bli devari: why you change your identity as crocodile hunter. we know you are still a pirates of nusa penida. 😀

  4. oya, winyo. you should check your posting title. it’s quite different with the content. or, you should put some balinese, sundanese, and javanese words in your posting. so, it will be gado2 languange. 😀

  5. @antonemus, wakakaka kill me? catch me if you can 🙂
    yeah, crocodile hunter is my sampingan job

    @mita, dont worry dear, i will hunt the crocodile
    *loh kok naik kuda sih*

  6. as i said in our last conversation, just say it if it’s bothered you. klo disimpen2 terus, ntar bisa2 kejadian penembakan di virginia tech terjadi lagi, itu krn bullying juga khan?? ;))

  7. sebel juga kalo ada yg jelek2in kita, untungnya dijaman IT sekarang ini, kita bisa menumpahkan uneg2 lewat blog. sing keto win…wah mesti kursus english ama win neh kekekkekekkekekeke i don anderseten sir

  8. I don’t believe that you actually post this thing :)). But from what we discuss yesterday, I totally agree with you. Lets stop bullying, because it what we now is a projection of what we do and what other people do in the pass.

    Seek for revenge is common reaction on bullied people, it can explode anytime, anywhere, on any people (even to ‘innocent’ ones). So please stop bullying. If gun were legal in Indonesia, we will often hear campus shooting and killing by people who in the pass is a object of bullying.

    And speaking of the truth Win, sometime I want to have a revenge for what you done to me :)) But I suspend my revenge because of this great post

    Nice to meet you all

  9. @pan bani: sing bani saya ngelawan pirates of the carribean bli. nyeh. nyanan diserbu nganggo kapal pesiar ne saya 🙂

    @ma mit: halah … kok orang desa bisa internetan juga ya hahahahaha … 🙂

    @bli devari: wah selamat mengejar nganggo kuda ne bli. weiisss yang nganggo hosting sendiri …

    @mbok dewi: iya tu mbok. kasian nok teman saya to. disiksa dia ajak timpalne. udah saya kasi tau biar dia ngemeng aja langsung.

    @bli rama: hehehehe … benar bli. yen ada apa jeg ngeblog gen. mari ngeblog pang sing belog. kursus apa bli? saya gen nak nu melajah ne. enakan basa bali nok bli 🙂

    @nengock: beh dosen unud e ne, ngenah masi ye. ne be korban bullying ne. di bandung jadi bahan terus ye …

    @bli arya: ampuuuunnnn tukuullll 🙂 mekelo sing mebalih i tukul nok. kenken kabarne ye?

    @mbok pink: jangan kura – kura dalam perahu mbok. mbok kan pinter. sma gen udah punya blog. tiang dulu sma sing nawang apa mbok 🙂 oya saya juga member Pinker lo mbok hehehehehe …

    @men bani: selamat bully – membully bersama pan bani mbok 🙂

  10. @bli budarsa: hehe … tergantung harga kambing sing bli? bli devari oranga crocodile hunter nok hehe …

    @mbak nne: wah teman saya dalam kondisi tidak berdaya mbak. maklum jadi buruh. salam kenal juga mbak 🙂

    @bli ady: tiang nak nu melajah masi bli. ngiring belajar bersama 🙂

    @bli devari: wah selamat bli sudah pindah rumah. sudah dicium fbi lokasi penyimpanan harta karun ne bli, makane pindah?

  11. jangan dijelek-jelekin terus kalau emang udah jelek. jangan dipuji-puji terus kalau emang udah cantik/ganteng.

    sekali-sekali perlu juga perlu dibolak balik. ehhehehe…

    ngejek memang destruktif.
    appreciation is the best.

  12. @bli 21win: benar bli, ngejek to memang cenderung destruktif. kan berbeda antara ngejek dengan ngritik kan bli. kalo ngritik to enaknya sama teh ato kopi seh, susu juga gapapa lah hahahaha …

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