Ngiring Ngelawar …

Bali Blogger Community Launching

First of all, I would like to congratulate Bali Blogger Community which was officially launched last Saturday. From the invitation in my last post, you’ll understand that this event will be very fun. Everybody was so excited anticipating the launching. Too bad I can’t come and see it with my own eyes. Just see it through some pictures, read some stories from and chat with member of the Bali Blogger Community members. Hopefully, next time I have the chance to meet members of the community.

Gerang Balinese Traditional Food

While everyone come to the launching ceremony enjoying “gerang meterik” made by Bu Lode, the wife of Pak Antonemus, I was having fun myself in my apartment. I was making lawar (again). Last time when I tried to make lawar, I was only using ground pork and green beans. This time, I have the long beans and pork skin. Yes, it’s pork skin, Balinese more familiar with the term “rames”. Everyone feast your eyes with the one and only LAWAR …

Lawar Balinese Traditional Food



13 thoughts on “Ngiring Ngelawar …

  1. @mbok arie: waduh padahal lawar to enak sekali lo mbok 🙂

    @bli 21win: bli sing bagi – bagi nok …

    @bli sur: yuk ngelawar di mitrais 🙂

    @pan bani: dadi bli … pasti be foto ne gen kan hahahaha …

    @bli devari: mari bli ngelawar di karibia ajak i lohan hahahaha …

    @bli pande baik: iseng gen blogwalking bli 🙂

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