Tata Krama Toko dan Restoran

Dagang Acung: Sir, buy sir. Cheap sir, very cheap. (Pedagang acung menawarkan barangnya kepada tourist di Bali).

Today, I want to write thing that are not related to my previous post. For tourist, these are somewhat annoying thing. The following are some etiquette that I’ve seen and practiced by people here. I personally really like it and hoping we can do this in our daily life. The following conversation usually occurs when you entered a store. SR is the sales representative and S represents a bunch of shopper.

SR: Hello guys, how are you today?
S: Oh good, thanks. How about you?
SR: I’m doing great today, thank you. Is there anything I can do to help you today?
S: Oh no, we are just looking around.
SR: Ok, just let me know if you need anything.
S: Ok.

The sales representative then leaves the shopper to wonder around looking at stuff in the store. Here, sales representatives are very friendly and helpful. With a big smile in their face they welcome and help the customer. They don’t care whether the customers are really going to buy some stuff or just window shopping, they serve the customers equally.

When you want to pay for all the items that you want to buy, this is the conversation that usually occurs. CS is the cashier and S still represents a bunch of shopper.


CS: How are you guys doing today?
S: Not bad, thanks, and you?
CS: I’m good, thank you. Do you find anything you need in the store today?
S: O yeah, everything is ok.
CS: (After counting all the items) The total will be $xxx
S: (Prepare to slide credit card)
CS: Do you want to use credit or debit card?
S: Credit, please…
CS: Please slide the card and sign the receipt …
S: (Signing …)
CS: Do you want me to put the receipt in the bag?
S: Yes, please
CS: (Handing over the bag with all items in it) Here you go. Have a good day
S: Thank you. You too.

These are the thing that we must adopt. We must learn how to make shopping as convenience as possible in Bali for tourist if you really want to make living from tourism. Is there anybody willing to teach the “pedagang acungan” on how to do this?


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