Galungan and Kuningan di Negeri Orang

Wow, I never thought that I will get plenty of comments on my last blog entry. I got 11 on my blogspot post and got 6 on wordpress blog. Well, I know that 16 is not a big number, but that’s the biggest number hehehehe … So cheers to everyone who put comment on my last post. But, as Mr. Antonemus said in one of his blog entry, we write a blog because we loved to write and not because we are expecting many comments on our blog hehehehe …

Actually, I want to write a blog about the death of our beloved former president, H.M Soeharto I need to write this one correctly because someone in the Bali Blogger Community complained when I just use Soeharto (I still can’t stop laughing when I remember about that discussion hahahahahahaha … ). But, right now I realize that there is no point to write about him because it will be a very “heavy”, Sandy and Sam will complain like what they did before hehehehe … and I might be accused of being not objective again (hint: hagnen atremus) hehehe … Moreover, the media hype with their praise to our beloved former president is not a match for my writing (hint: who own all those medias? hahahahaha … ).

Finally, actually Mr. Anton keeps on asking me to write, I decided to write about Galungan and Kuningan abroad hehehehehe … So, let’s start our story then. Galungan and Kuningan has always become a day that I always looking forward for. It’s a day where you spend your time with your entire family member. But this time I have to spend my Galungan and Kuningan day abroad, without my family and friends. A few days before Galungan, I already planned to make lawar, or at least something that looks like lawar to me hehehe … I planned to buy ground pork, some pork skin and pork ear, some pork liver and jackfruit. And don’t forget the spices, chilies, onion, garlic and black pepper. These are the only spices that I know their English name hehehe … I think the plan are perfect and I am looking forward to do it. Just go the Strip district, I know the name is kind of like xxx area but trust me it’s just a normal shopping area, and grab all those items from the Robert Wholey’s store and the Asian store.

Well, I can only make a plan but it seems that that the almighty God have other plan too. It was a freezing day, way too cold for me. I think it was 25°C below zero hahaha … I don’t think I can stand it if I have to stay outside waiting for the bus to go to strip district. And in the end, I decided to go to a nearby supermarket and buy ground pork. In this supermarket, you won’t find any jackfruit or long bean. So, I grab some green bean as a substitute hahaha … and went back to my apartment. In the end, I managed to finish my lawar and taste good, well not that good but not bad for an incomplete spices hahaha … I just need to go through three more Galungan day and I’ll be home … Looking forward for that day 🙂

Happy Galungan and Kuningan to all 🙂


2 thoughts on “Galungan and Kuningan di Negeri Orang

  1. well done, mr winyo. so, i give u 100 point for this article. i’ll send u some cash also. so u can write another article about me. hahaha..

    met galkun gen. sori telat nah..

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