I Will Always Love Bali

I never thought that I will get many responses for my last blog post. Bli Anton, one of the big boss of the Bali Blogger Community, even post a writing in response for my post. Afterwards, we chat a bit about this problem and I agree with him that this kind of problem already started to happen long time ago, but everything was covered up in the name of economy by some people. And that’s makes me wonder, should I revised the image about Bali that is planted in my mind?

Bli Kadek Suparta said that problems exist in every race, island and province. Though I’m totally agreed with that, I don’t like the facts that killing someone because of a trivial problem which often occurs in Bali. If you want to kill someone then that person has to be someone who made a big sin, for example that freaking dog Soeharto. He made out country like what we see today and he also made his family like what we see today. So, if you want to bang him in his head, then I wouldn’t mind at all. [Hope you die pain; may your soul unable to rest in peace; hope the devil will torture your soul in Hell, right sir; no shouldn’t be a sir but dog will be more appropriate]. But if it just a trivial problem like staring each other, border line or problems that occur in a café then it’s unworthy to kill someone.

But probably, all these problems and violence occur because the nature of human as an omnicide being who tend to vanquish everything. Not just other human (homicide), but also the nature (ecocide), other race (genocide) and even themselves (suicide). This was stated by Johan Galtung, a Norwegian sociologist, in one of his writing. But I do think that we can’t generalize and categorized everyone as an omnicide being. We, as the noblest being in the earth, have the knowledge and ability to suppress the omnicide desire. There are so many example of this noble thought around us. The world silent day campaign is one of the examples of our noble thought to fight against ecocide. So let’s fight those desires, the homicide desire, the ecocide desire, and even the suicide desire to make this world a better place to live in.

So, should I revise my image of Bali? I don’t think so. I will always remember Bali as the island of Gods, island of thousand temples and the most peaceful place on earth.

Rahajeng nyanggra rainan Siwa Ratri.

2 thoughts on “I Will Always Love Bali

  1. “But if it just a trivial problem like staring each other, border line or problems that occur in a café then it’s unworthy to kill someone.”

    me : Nothing worth to kill someone, eh?

  2. Om Suastiastu,
    Salam Kenal.
    It’s nice to read your blog. About the topic you discuss above, I think brawling or even killing because of trivial problems is not something new in Bali. This beahaviour of savage Bali dates back to 16th centrury. Have you read the book by Prof Adrian Vickers, Bali; A Paradise Created?
    It’s a very good book to get a better understanding about our race, Balinese 🙂

    Keep on writing…


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