Balinese People These Days

Before the new years eve, I spoke with one of my friend and I said that I predicted there will be another fight that caused by trivial problem during the new years eve celebration in Bali. During this kind of celebration which involved a large group of people, a small frictions or problems which actually not a big deals, can become source of big fight which sometimes leads to fatality. And what I fear the most occur in Kuta, at Dee Jay Café to be exact. Two security guard of the café was killed that night as reported by Balipost. One of the victims died with stab wound on their back, while the other got stab on their back. Both of them were Balinese, Ketut Mustiada (45) from Buleleng and Wayan Suparta (45) from Denpasar. Another victim who survived the horror, Ketut Mustika (40), suffer wound in his hand which almost cuts his right hand artery.

One of Dee Jay Café staff said that the murder occurs outside the café and the café are not related to the murder case. The staff also said that both of the victims were freelance security guard hired only to secure the café. It seems to me that the café trying to wash their hand of this case and they feel have no moral and material responsibility to the victim’s family member. Moral of the incident is to never work as security guard for a café hehehehehe … [just kidding]

As of yesterday, police already caught four suspected person involved in the incident. My main concern is not whether the killer is caught or not, but rather on how we can prevent this kind of “small friction to fatality” problem happen again in the future. We see this kind of cases more often these days in Bali. Is it true that Balinese people become angry easier these days? Well, I certainly hope not because the Balinese people that I know are gentle and warm hearted people with sincere smile on their face.

Balinese Children Waving to Photographer


7 thoughts on “Balinese People These Days

  1. Rahajeng,
    every races, island, province, etc have such a kind of problem dude… it’s a basic instinc of human.

    Hopefully peaceful mind surround us all. Let’s preserve our Balinese culture !!


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