Pengalaman Tak Simpatik Petugas Imigrasi

September 17th, 2007

Attention Mr Budiarman Bahar. I am writing you with great concern, and a heavy heart, following an incident on September 16th at Denpasser Airport.

My wife and I are very regular visitors to the Island of Bali, and have not been afraid to visit on several occasions since the awful bombing disasters of recent years, we continue to support your Country, both by visiting Bali, and by our other actions, at home in Australia.

On September 16tth, we arrived to enjoy a 12 day holiday, at 3 different Villa’s, in Jeroboam, Seminyak and finally at Jimbarren Bay.

On our arrival, off Jet star JQ37, we proceeded to Immigration, where I was cleared without any problem, however, when my wife Dorothy proceeded, she was advised that as her Passport expired on March 5th, 2008, she only had 5 months an 2 weeks remaining!

We then produced evidence to show we held return Business Class Tickets, for September 28th, and, evidence of our 3 confirmed booking at the Villas above.

Following that we were taken to an Immigration office, where we were “interviewed” by Mr Nanang Yunanto, who suggested that, in order to clear Dorothy, we should pay a special fee. When we asked Mr Yunanto how much this fee was, he led us outside his office and told us US$4000.00.

When we objected strongly, he asked us what we each did for a job, and what was our Income per year and when I told him we were basically retired, he asked for US$2000.
As I was bringing my wife back to Bali to assist in her cancer recovery, I offered him US$500.00 as the “special” fee; however, he said this was an insult.

I then pleaded with him to allow Dorothy to stay, I told him of her cancer struggle, however, he just walked away, and refused to discuss it any further, simply shouting, “go back where you come from” and ordered that we be sent back on the next ‘plane. He took offence at me as I asked for his name, and he refused to give it to me, however, several of the younger customs and Immigration Staff were happy to give me his name, as they claim he regularly behaves this way, and asks for Bribes. They told me he was an embarrassment to the Balinese people with his behaviour. It was only because of them that we learnt his name.

My Wife and I will be happy to return, at our own cost, to act as witnesses should you wish to take the appropriate action against this person and show that your Country is no longer dependant on the people that act this way.

I do not wish to harm the fantastic Balinese people, but, if necessary, I will go to any lengths to expose this behaviour, and warn people about the odd bad person in the system.

Kind Regards,
Geoff and Dorothy Longhurst

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One thought on “Pengalaman Tak Simpatik Petugas Imigrasi

  1. sabar, bli. sabar. :)) thx udah mampir balebengong. kalo ada kabar menarik dr negeri seberang, jangan ragu utk bagi2 buat balebengong.



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