Momo’s First and Liverpool’s 7k

Sunderlan 2 – 0 Liverpool

Liverpool cruise to another victory today, thanks to the goal from Momo Sissoko and Andriy Voronin. Who would have thought that Momo will score today and the goal he score today is Liverpool goal number 7000? What a way to give your first goal to Liverpool. All Liverpudlians will remember that goal.

The other goal was scored by Andriy Voronin which also happens to be his first league goal for Liverpool. So today mark the beginning for both of them and I hope more goal will come from them to take Liverpool to glorious years.

The match itself could end up with more goal but Sunderland’s goalkeeper have been superb today by making so many important saves with all part of his body. Fernando Torres becomes a consistent threat to Sunderland today with his movement and pace. He also has a good understanding with Voronin which we can see in the second goal. Torres laid a perfect pass to Voronin who finished it with a placed ball in left corner of the goal. In the final minute of the game, Voronin try to repay Torres in a two against one situation, but the last defender of Sunderland manage to read the pass and recover the ball. Voronin should have finished it alone but he seems to be a non selfish type of striker.

We lost Sammi Hyypia and Jamie Carragher today but I hope they can play in the next fixtures especially Jamie Carragher because he is the main players in Liverpool defensive line. Let’s hope that the injury is not too serious.

Well done lads.

The Future Is Bright And The Future Is Reds. You’ll Never Walk Alone.

[picture taken from Yahoo]


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