A Stupid Penalty and A Red Card

Liverpool 1 – 1 Chelsea

Well, there’s nothing I can say about today’s match that end up in a draw.

But the most disappointing thing from today’s match is the ref. The ref incorrectly gives a penalty for what seems to be a non dangering move from Florent Malouda. He’s just rushing to the penalty area without any intention to receive a cross from Wright-Phillips. There he collides with Steve Finnan and then to surprise everybody, the ref pointed at the spot. Chelsea have been given a penalty for nothing. There was no dangerous move from Chelsea at the time, so it’s truly a gift from the ref.

The next interesting fact is that actually, Chelsea should have received a red card on the match. The red card should go either to Michael Assasin or Talal Ben Haim because they have received one yellow card before. But it’s seems that the ref didn’t realize it. You can read the full coverage of the match in this Yahoo link.

This will broke the Liverpool player who have worked so hard today. They will remember today’s match for the rest of the season, a match when poor ref decisions have cost us 2 valuable points.

But in Rafa, we trust. And the future will be bright for us because the future will be Reds.

You’ll Never Walk Alone …

[picture taken from Yahoo]


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