Dilema Menjadi CPNS

After being covered up for some time, finally there is a man crazy enough to spill out everything and do some unpredictable thing (click here). Actually, bribing problem in the government official recruitment process is not a new thing for me. It’s there but you couldn’t see it. The mobs in the government recruitment process try to work as clean as possible. But no matter how good you at covering bad thing, the stink will always come out.

My neighbor and one of my relative was asked to pay million rupiah just to get one “unimportant position” in the government. And finally, because they can’t afford to pay it, they were not selected. Can you imagine that someone told you to pay some millions to get a job where you will get a few hundred thousand as a take home pay while your current take home pay is far – far those millions number? My neighbor still serving our beloved country as an hourly paid teacher and they have been serving for quite some time.

The craziest thing that I’ve ever heard is done by a mob officer who has the list of accepted person. This person will try to persuade the person on the list by saying that they won’t be accepted unless they pay some cash to the mob officer. If the person is not confidence enough with their ability, then the mob will get some money. And when the list of accepted person is announced and they see their name in the list, they will think that the mob officer was the one who made them in the list. In the end, they will thanks the mob officer and become the servant of the mob officer because they feel they have a debt to the mob officer.

This has become one of the dark images of our beloved country.

The most surprising thing is the mob will do whatever they can to escape the responsibility when they got caught. Even the highest person in the mob hierarchy dares to say that it was an act to frame him and make him unpopular in front of public.

Come on, Sir. Wake up and grow some balls there. If you kept trying to runaway from problem like this, I really don’t know when we will become a prosperous country. Think about it, why would a person try


2 thoughts on “Dilema Menjadi CPNS

  1. titelnya bahasa indo tapi isinya inggris .. wah kebalikan dari aku .. biasanya aku titel nya bahasa inggris dan isinya bahasa indonesia 😀

    wah isu suap-menyuap yak.. budayakah ?

  2. Iya ni, Suna … Sepertinya udah parah buanget … Kapan ya kita bisa sadar … Kapan majunya ni … Kalo kayak gini terus sepertinya akan lama deh …

    Semoga kita bisa bangkit dan cepat maju mengejar yang lain …

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