Filthy Mouth

I don’t know why I get so pissed every time I read news about our People’s Representative Council (DPR) member. I just finish up reading an article on today’s Balipost about the communication fee that have been received by those people.

I don’t know what they would do with that money, but rest assured, they will use the money for the good of us as the Indonesian citizen. At least that is what they said in today’s newspaper. But as for me, I would never believe it would happen, even in my wildest dream. Never ever believe what a politician said, those are the words from my parents and I will never forget it. Politicians are just some guys who love to talk about shit and money. First they will talk about shit but in the end they will talk about how much money needed for those shit.

As for today, they talk about some communication fee they will receive and they did talk about some shit saying that they actually didn’t need those money.

“Kami juga bingung mau diapakan dana itu,” ujar anggota DPRD Bali Si Ketut Mandira Natha, S.H. Minggu (10/6) kemarin.

We are also confused on what to do with that money. What a piece of crap. Why did you take the money in the first place if you don’t know what to do with it? Come on, you have a degree on law, didn’t you?. Didn’t they teach you about responsibility? If you take something that doesn’t belong to you, then you should take the responsibility for that thing.

Hal senada juga dilontarkan Wakil Ketua DPRD Bali Drs. IBG Suryatmaja. Ia mengakui dalam aturan itu tidak ada rincian penggunaannya.

What the f*ck. Now come this guy who tell us that when the money is given to each member of the local representative, there are no details on what they should do with the money. So they didn’t know the word “planning”, right? Some people said that even a carefully made plan can fail some time. Now how about something that has no plan?

”Namanya juga untuk komunikasi intensif. Yang penting digunakan untuk lebih meningkatkan komunikasi dengan masyarakat,” tegas mantan Ketua DPRD Badung itu bernada enteng.

Then he easily said that we can figure out the usage of the money from the name which is communication fee. So it will be used to improve the communication with the community. Yeah … yeah … your family is also part of the community right. You wouldn’t give a damn care with the real community.

What a bunch of filthy mouthed people. Just kiss my big black elephant ass, shit head.

If they don’t know what to do with that money, why don’t they just give it back or maybe they can allocate that money to some other real project, project that will give benefit to the real community. Mark my word, those are real project and real community. Not some fake project to some of their colleague.

But I don’t think they have the will to return it. A few months ago, the government made a new bill saying that some (big) amount of money will be given to member of the local People’s Representative Council (DPRD). But in the end the bill was revoked due to massive protest from the community. After the bill was revoked, the local People’s Representative Council (DPRD) protests to the government saying that the bill was already issued and they must receive that money.

Go to hell you bunch of asshole. What on earth have you given to us that made you think that you deserve the money? Have you ever made something useful for us? Think about it sometime with your bloody head (if you really have a brain inside it). I believe most of you have a degree on something but you are not better than a fifth grader (it remind me of a television show “Are you smarter than a fifth grader?”). You beg for something that you really doesn’t deserve.

But what happen if you are talking or working on things for us, your people? You would rather sleeping, reading paper or text messaging with someone else. You barely think about us in each of your meeting.

All I can conclude is that if it’s a matter of your share of money then you can act fast and do everything to get anything that you thing you deserve (which actually you don’t deserve). But if it is a matter of our share of money, then you would say … why should I give a goddamn care? It’s your problem, not mine.

– never believe in politician and never will-


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