True Love Never Ends

“There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved. – George Sand –”

If you want to know the meaning of true love than you should ask Mr. Widodo. Mr. Widodo Suwardjo who was born in East Java September 2, 1940 lived in Havana, Cuba as a stateless person, someone with no nationality status.

The whole story started when Mr. Widodo left Indonesia on October 13, 1960 for a study under a government scholarship to Moscow. During his final years, the G30S occur in Indonesia. Mr. Widodo managed to finish his study and earn bachelor on metallurgic science on 1966. But on the same year, Mr. Widodo lost his passport because of the G30S incident. On late 1966, the government declared that his passport is no longer a valid one.

Without a passport, Mr. Widodo continued his study to the Master degree until 1969. On late 1969, Mr. Widodo was invited by the Cuban government to work in Cuba to build steel factories and prepare the local technician for the factories. From that day, Cuba becomes his place to live. The Cuban government, on 1985, sent Mr. Widodo to pursue his doctorate degree in Moscow.

When Mr. Widodo left Indonesia on 1960, Mr. Widodo also left his loved one in Indonesia. Until today, on his 65, he still misses his loved one, Widari Soewahjo. Mr. Widodo is still single until today. He never marries another girl because when he left Indonesia, he promises Widari that he will marry her, the only girl that he ever loved. Widari who was born on 19 April 1944 also promises that she will wait for Mr. Widodo to come back to Indonesia.

I’m speechless when I read his story. Where could we find a man like him anymore in this world? I personally don’t think I would be able do the same thing as he does.

So please, if someone out there knows anything about Ms. Widari, let Mr. Widodo know. You can contact him directly at
– widodo [at] magcime [dot] cu
– masthuri [at] ombudsman [dot] go [dot] id
(dedicated to Mr. Widodo, taken from detik thanks to Andy S)

“Holding onto love is like holding your breath.
It is not easy and it will not let you rest.”

3 thoughts on “True Love Never Ends

  1. Hello thanks for putting this on your blog. I met mr Widodo in 1995 in Cuba as a young Indonesian-Australian visiting Cuba. He is a wonderful man. There was an Indonesian exile community in Cuba composed of incredibly interesting and knowledgeable people who were forced to roam the world after Suharto took power in Indonesia. I lost contact with Mr Widodo, so I’m so glad to find your blogsite and for the email address. Thank you!

  2. Wow … I’m glad I can help you 🙂
    Hope you can keep in touch with him. But unfortunately, the one he seeks have been married with someone else 😦

    The good thing is that he have met her and fulfill his promise. I do hope Mr. Widodo will be able to find someone else.

  3. Hi,

    Thank you so much for your post. I tried to contact Mr. Widodo via those e-mail and it’s rejected by server. I think, those e-mail doesn’t exist anymore. Do you have other e-mail addresses or other contacts of him by any chances? I need to contact him.

    Thank you!



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