The Black Years

30 September 1965 will be marked as a black day in Indonesia’s history. Late in the night of that day, a troop of the Tjakrabirawa officer leads by Letkol Untung kidnaped and killed 7 generals of the Indonesian Army. Then they dumped the bodies in Lubang Buaya region in East Jakarta. Later on, all of the general were hailed as the hero of the revolution. We can read everything about this in the history book of the elementary school, secondary school, and high school students. Is all thing that happen during that period? No, there were more than that.

But there were something that was never written in the history books. They never mention what happen after the incident in 30 September 1965. They never mention the horrifying days that last for years after the incident. For some people the horrifying moments even last until today.

After 30 September 1965, spread words saying that all of the generals were killed brutally. They said that the generals were tortured until their death by some women from the Gerwani organization. They also claimed that the generals were mutilated and the Gerwani’s were dancing while torturing the generals. Further autopsy reveal that there were no torturing occur in Lubang Buaya that night.

After the incidents, RPKAD were sent to rural areas to capture members of PKI and all organization that has a connection with PKI. Most of them end up dead or disappear. They were brutally murdered by some people selected by the RPKAD as the executor. Report claim that there were more than 2 million were killed.

If you watch Kick Andy show on Saturday than you will hear confession from one of the executor. He said that on one day on 1966 there were members of RPKAD come to his village. The RPKAD told him to select another 20 to 30 people who will act as executor for members of PKI and all organization that has connection with PKI. Almost every night he was called by the RPKAD to execute people. An executor usually handles 10 – 12 people. He later claimed that he doesn’t care whether the one the he will execute is one of his family or even his best friend. For him, it was a duty to protect the nation.

Questions come up to me after he said that. Why did the RPKAD use civilian as the executor? Why didn’t they execute them by themselves? There were no courts and justices for all of those victims. Did they really done something wrong? Is it legal to capture someone and then execute them even though there were no evidence connecting them with the incidents in Jakarta? RPKAD didn’t care with all of that. If you are a “left minded” people, then you are wrong and so did your family including your wife and sons. Leader of Bali CDB PKI were brutally murdered in Klungkung with his wife and sons.

Another hundred thousands people were sent to exile in Buru Island. They were forced to work transforming a forest into rice field. Thousands acre forest were finally transformed into rice field. How much did it cost? Thousands were killed due to lack of food, struck by disease, killed by wild animal, and some others were executed by the army guarding the island. Those people were finally released on 1978 – 1979. There were no justices for those people either.

While for best students from Indonesia who was studying abroad at that time, the situation was not different. Their passport was rejected which mean all of them were not Indonesian anymore. Most of them never returned to Indonesia and gave their ability to other country.

Until today, family members of people who were accused have a connection with PKI and organization under PKI get so many social disadvantages. They will find so many difficulties to work in the governmental areas, get an ET (ex – tapol) tag in their ID card, get bullied by their surrounding areas, don’t have the right to choose during the national election period, and many more.

I’m not trying to blame someone on this incident. But I just want to show you that there were something more than the deaths of 7 generals that occur during that period. It’s time to rebuild everything. The victims should be treated the same as other people. The perpetrator who still alive today should make a clear confession about what happen during that period. That way, everything will be clear. Our sons will be able to know the truth that happens during the black years.

Save our land from the curse of black years …

Save our sons and thought them the truth …

(taken from many source)


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