The Other Side of Bali – Raping

Tears fall to mother earth …
A nation in mourn …
An island in sorrow …
A girl in grieve …

Kasus penjualan dan pemerkosaan terhadap gadis dibawah umur di Amlapura akhirnya terungkap. Terungkapnya kasus ini gara-gara Bunga menghilang dari rumahnya 11 hari. Ayahnya yang anggota Mapolsek Kubu kelimpungan mencarinya ke mana-mana. Akhirnya, Bunga ditemukan di sebuah hotel di Amed. Saat ditemukan, Bunga sempat menolak diajak pulang, berteriak histeris dan mengatakan dirinya sudah telanjur rusak tak mau lagi menjadi orang baik. Ayahnya terkejut dan curiga dengan kondisi anaknya yang tampak shock dan ketakutan.

The case of selling and raping under age girl in Amlapura regency was finally solved. The case was finally unveiled because the victim, Bunga (in Indonesia we often called a victim as Bunga), disappear for 11 days. Her father who is member of Kubu sector police officer, look for her everywhere. Finally, Bunga was found at a hotel in Amed. When he found her, Bunga refused to go home, screaming hysterically and said that she was already devastated and don’t want to be a good girl anymore. Her father was shocked and curious with his daughter condition that looks so shock and frightened.

Sesampai di rumahnya di Amlapura, seluruh keluarganya membesarkan hatinya. Dia meminta Bunga berterus terang apa yang telah menimpanya. Bunga mengaku dijebak di tempat penginapan atlet Kejurda Karate di Buleleng dalam rangka seleksi atlet Bali untuk terjun di tingkat nasional. Sejak saat itu, Bunga merasa dirinya telah hancur.

When they arrive at their home in Amlapura, the entire families try to make her to have a big heart about this incident. They asked her to tell the truth about what happen to her. Bunga explained that she was trapped (raped) in the athlete’s dorm (she was a Karate athlete) in Buleleng regency during the athlete selection for the national championship. Since then, Bunga felt so devastated.

For you information, the police have put 6 name as the suspect for this case. Among the suspect are former member of the government executive officer (they didn’t mention his name), member of the Karangasem regency police officer, and a high school principal. The suspects are truck driver of the Karangasem regency police station Bripka I Made K (45), member Satpol PP Karangasem Regency Mrs. Ni Made BA (42), S (49), Dr (46), I Nyoman A (38), serta Sb (37).

When I read this story in the news paper, I was so furious. What the f*ck are those people thinking? For God sake, how could they rape an innocent young girl and sell her? It’s not just once but for a total of more than eight times they rape her.

Don’t you have a daughter or sister? What would you feel if the same thing happens to your daughter or sister?

When I look at the suspect, I become more and more furious. What the f*ck is that government officer doing there? Did we pay you with our sweat to rape our daughter or sister? For me government officer just a bunch of scum shit, maybe not all of them but most of them are.

Then we got another suspect who has the slogan to protect and to serve. Or should we revise it with to rape and to sell. My God, I couldn’t believe it. A person who has the duty to keep us secure now has turn against us. You are humiliating others police officers who have dedicated their live in the line of duty. While others put their life in jeopardy just to stabilize situation, you rape a young girl and destroy her futures. Your mother would be so ashamed have gave birth a man like you.

Then we got a high school principal, one damn stupid f*ckin principal. Your main purpose is to make people well educated. You should become an example for your students and you should give a good example. Not an example on how to rape and sell a young girl you stupid scum shit.

The last one is for Mrs. X who acts as the courier of the young girl. Damn this lady. I doubt if she is really a woman. Maybe she was a man who got dumped by so many girls and tries to make some revenge. You are so f*ckin lunatic bitch.

A politician said that the problem become so big because there were some ex government officer of the Karangasem regency. He also said that if the problem only involving some meat ball seller than it wouldn’t become this big.

Politician will always try to turn everything upside down. They never want to get blame although they know that they are in the wrong side as if they have the ability to turn north into south. It’s just their behavior. That’s why I never trust in politician. They talk bullshit all the time. None of their words ever become a reality. So if you’re good at talking bullshit and crap you should try to become a politician.

We all aware that a government officer is a public figure that should give a good example. A public figure will always be a prey for the press. When they do something wrong press will blow up everything. It’s a natural thing.

Damn all of you. You should die and go to hell. Enjoy your visit in the jail and I hope you’ll stay there for a long time.

(dedicated to Bunga)
taken from Bali Post and Nusa Bali


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