Only in Indonesia …

Setelah selama 120 hari mendekam di tahanan Mabes Polri, Dirut PLN Eddie Widiono akhirnya bisa menghirup udara bebas. Di hari pertama kebebasannya, Eddie langsung ngantor.

After being held for 120 days in the police headquarters, the director of PLN, Indonesia’s national (sole) electric company, Eddie Widiono, finally can breathe the air of freedom. At the first day of his freedom, Eddie went directly to his office.

You’ll never believe what could happen in Indonesia. A national company run by a criminal? That’s not a new story here. Where in this world, can you find a criminal run the house of representative? Only in Indonesia …

Unbelievable. What would you expect if a house controlled by a criminal? A nice guy who care with people who vote him during the election? Not in your wildest dream mate. You will always get a bunch of criminal too, maybe not all of them but most of them will.

If he is being dishonest, so why should I?

If he get a lot of dirty money, so why can’t I?

Where can you find it all? Only in Indonesia …


6 thoughts on “Only in Indonesia …

  1. thanks for the complement. i can see your bright future as a teacher too :D. you still remember that you owe me ” a mr. saprig” aren’t you?

  2. Jangan melihat segala sesuatu dengan pesimis. Masalah memang banyak dan besar. Tapi kalau kita terlalu pesimis dengan bangsa ini.

    Kapan mau bangkit.

    Tetap semangat !

  3. How could you judging him as a criminal? Do you have the proof or something? Really I have to say, judging and slander people as a criminal is totally wrong.

  4. Well I can’t judge him but the court have give the judgment. People don’t stay in prison if he done anything wrong.

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