Hitman : Blood Money

In the last weekend I played this game for almost 18 hours. The game is really cool because it has so many options to accomplish the mission. The game is about a secret agent who accepts various types of jobs, where most of the jobs are to assassinate some specific target. The fun side is you can accomplish the mission in any way you like it. You can do Rambo-style of play, where you take you weapon and try to gun down every enemy you see (or even every moving object you see hwehe…).

Or you can do a sneak and kill strategy. I like this one because there is a sense of satisfaction if you can kill your enemy from behind using a fiber wire or a poison syringe hwaha… I’m not a maniac but it’s just feel good to kill that way … Another fun side is you can take anybody clothes and pretend to be one of them. My favorite clothes would be the FBI suits. Look relly cool…

Another aspect that makes me fall in love with the hitman series is the use of the sniper rifle. Wow … this weapon is really awesome … You can gun down the enemy from quite long distance and left them without knowing who is shooting hwaha … I wish I had one so I can gun down mr. xxx hwaha …

The down side of the game is it minor bugs … You need to install the patch to make the game works perfectly. Overall I’ll gave 9/10 for the game …


3 thoughts on “Hitman : Blood Money

  1. Played the first hitman on ps2 when it first came out, one of the best games i ever played, i remember part of it was set in russia and there was some really great assasination missions.

  2. Yeah… A great game with a great sense of freedom on how to complete the game… Never thought someone would give a comment on my blog… Thanks everyone…

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